Internet Services, WiFi and VOIP Phones

Internet Services

The internet isn’t only the backbone of today’s business…

It’s usually the Achilles’ heel.
Small businesses often assume they are safe from cyberattacks because they are small.
But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report revealed that both small and large businesses are targets of costly cyberattacks.
The gap between the number of attacks on small businesses and large businesses continues to shrink!
No modern business can afford to operate without securing their internet entry point.
The costs are too high.
That’s why your business needs a reliable firewall in your cybersecurity strategy.
A firewall is a piece of hardware that monitors all the internet traffic in and out of a business.

It blocks anything you don’t want from coming in or going out and allows the rest to flow.
It’s like an internet security guard for your business.
Seitz Solutions takes the guesswork out of finding a firewall that will fit into your network.

Seitz Solutions proudly installs award-winning SonicWall firewalls to protect businesses of any size.
Each SonicWall firewall comes with their outstanding security technology that will protect your business against evolving cyberthreats.
Seitz Solutions can save you the runaround by

• Working with your local internet provider to get the right speeds and modem for your network

• Designing an effective firewall solution

• Installing the firewall and setting up your security rules into its hardware

Have peace of mind that your internet services are compatible with your network requirements and your firewall is doing its job.
Don’t waste time and effort setting up a firewall yourself.

Let Seitz Solutions design and install the right SonicWall firewall for your business!

WiFi Services

You pay a lot of money for fast internet service.

Doesn’t it just make sense to have fast WiFi speeds too?

Unfortunately, that isn’t a given.

Your WiFi equipment may not be able to broadcast the speeds that your ISP provides.
No matter how fast your internet speeds are coming into your building, if your WiFi devices are not rated to handle those speeds, your WiFi speeds will be much slower.
Your devices may be too far away from the nearest WiFi access point.
Distance and interference degrade WiFi signal strengths significantly.
Instead of tearing down the walls between you and the nearest access point, call Seitz Solutions for a WiFi mesh solution.

Seitz Solutions installs Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points, base stations, wireless bridges, and ethernet switches to give powerful and stable WiFi coverage.
Seitz Solutions can map out your building/campus and its infrastructure to design a WiFi coverage plan that works for your business.
Our thorough WiFi planning and design can eliminate most—if not all—dead spots that cause video chats to be dropped or downloads to pause.
Can you imagine the convenience of using one WiFi signal across an entire building or range of buildings?
You won’t have the lag caused by your mobile device searching for a better WiFi signal.
You won’t have to store more than one WiFi account info in your devices.
Need separate WiFi networks?

No problem.

Seitz Solutions can tailor your WiFi plan to include reliable coverage across your building(s) for multiple networks—including secure networks and guest networks.

Whatever WiFi solutions you need, Seitz Solutions has you covered.

Call us today!

8×8 VoIP Communication Solutions

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has fundamentally changed the way businesses communicate.
VoIP uses the internet instead of the traditional telephone network to send communications from one device to another.
VoIP has taken over the telecommunication landscape for good reason…

• VoIP is typically cheaper than traditional telephone systems (especially with international calls).

o Your business could reduce its telecom costs up to 50% simply by transitioning from a traditional telephone system to a VoIP system.

• VoIP facilitates instant messaging, video calls, and file sharing.

o Multiple communication channels accommodate different types of communication essential for a well-run business. VoIP offers the right channel for every type of communication whether it’s formal, informal, face-to-face, remote, unofficial, or written.

• VoIP can be upgraded quickly via software upgrades.

o No more expensive hardware overhauls and long periods of down time during installs!

• VoIP call routing can be controlled easily by businesses to allow remote working.

o With 74% of companies planning to utilize remote work as a normal work model nowadays, VoIP is necessary for adequate communication between team members and your businesses’ clients.

o VoIP allows secure and fast remote connections for your work-at-home employees or vendors that need access to your network.

• VoIP is scalable. Lines can be added or removed instantly with no hardware changes.

o Have a new employee? No problem. Just have them download a VoIP app on their smartphone and— Voilà! —they can be connected to your businesses’ phone system.

• VoIP can replace your antiquated fax machine. Each user can have an individual fax number at no extra cost.

• VoIP is user configurable. Users can change settings themselves or simply call Seitz Solutions for assistance.

If you are looking for a better way to connect with your clients and employees, Seitz Solutions highly recommends the industry-leading, telecom company 8×8.

8×8 offers a powerful, easy-to-use communications platform with price plans to meet any budget.

The 8×8 Open Communications Platform with X Series service plans empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to work better from anywhere, engage better with customers, and seize business opportunities without compromise.”—8×8

As an 8×8 Implementation Partner, Seitz Solutions is the perfect Managed Service Provider (MSP) to work with throughout your telecommunications upgrade.

Why work with Seitz Solutions instead of working directly with 8×8?

We know what system you need.
Seitz Solutions designs 8×8 VoIP networks tailored to meet your communication needs like…

• Voicemail

• Auto-attendant

• Forwarding

• Desktop phones

• Mobile and desktop apps

• E-fax

We save you money.
Seitz Solutions offers significant discounts on 8×8 hardware.

We install, set up, and provide technical service for our 8×8 clients.
Properly installing complex telecommunication systems is a real job, even for IT professionals.

Troubleshooting problems involves running system diagnostics and requires technical know-how.
Seitz Solutions can do the work for you guaranteeing that your telecommunications system is up and running when the setup is complete.

Seitz Solutions can get you the best price and the best service for your VoIP system.

Call us today for an 8×8 quote!


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