Server Solutions – On Premise / Cloud

If you…

• Need a faster, more reliable way of sharing files

• Are outgrowing the capacities of your online storage

• Use multiple printers in your office

• Require secure and private storage of client data

• Are tired of spending precious time updating computers

• Want to provide secure and fast remote work options to employees

Then you need a server solution.

Seitz Solutions has the expertise and connections to design a server and network solution for your business, commercial, or government enterprise.
We provide server solutions from design to maintenance in enterprises small and large around Mansfield, Portsmouth, and their surrounding areas.
Even if your business needs a Virtual Machine solution to grow and operate, we are qualified to service Virtual Machines (VMware and Hypervisor).

Our server networks have empowered our clients to

• Secure their networks with client-controlled, employee clearance access to their files.

• Create a fast network of computers, printers, mobile devices, and other end points that doesn’t rely on external servers on the internet to work with each other.

• Facilitate remote work that keeps local files in-house and not on employee’s computers as they work outside of the office.

• Defend their network with powerful firewalls and VPNs.

• Give their Managed Service Provider (MSP) access to their network to update or fix any issue on their networks easily without employee downtime or interruption.

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about the server solutions we’ve provided…

A Seitz Solutions server-based network can…

• Save you time on updates and file maintenance.

• Secure your email and local data.

• Reduce your exposure to cyberattack.

• Significantly increase your business’s resilience against natural or cyber disasters.

• Save you money and time on MSP service visits.

• Reduce monthly Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery costs by centralizing the network’s data and operations in one computer—a server.

Call Seitz Solutions today for a quote on your professionally designed server solution!