Our Comprehensive ShadowProtect Backup Solution

Possibly the most important question that you could ask is, what would happen if your company’s computer network went down? How would your business continue to operate? Would you be able to continue conducting business as usual or would you be forced to incorporate manual systems to ensure you could still do business? Could you process financial transactions? Then, after the computer network is back up and running, how long would it take to enter all that data back into your computer?

The one and only good solution to the potential occurrence of a network failure is to have a reliable and comprehensive Backup Solution.  If your company relies upon technology to conduct daily business, then it is imperative to have a Comprehensive Backup Solution. We have listed 4 basic elements which constitute having a Comprehensive Backup Solution.

  1. Your Backup is Automated – this simply means that software is installed which automatically schedules backups for you. This will eliminate the need to rely on your memory and will ensure that timely backups are done are the intervals you choose. Our ShadowProtect Solution uses a unique process which allows for multiple daily backups and then consolidates them into one backup at the end of the day. This solution can give you the peace of mind that you would never lose more than 15 minutes of a workday.
  2. Your Backup is Current –  your original backup schedule may have been setup properly, but as your data has grown with your business, many times the backup solution that was installed is no longer adequate to hold the data that you now have. If your backup solution is not able to hold the number of backups that were originally scheduled, unfortunately, the backup will not run at all. Unfortunately, many businesses have no-one checking to make sure that the backup is running properly, only to discover in a time of failure that their data is months old. It can be disastrous for a business to lose months of customer data. Imagine the devastation of  losing months of sales transactions, appointments, financial records, patient records, and other vital information. We offer 24/7 monitoring packages and will keep an eye on your backup to ensure that it is functioning properly.
  3. Your Backup is Recoverable – this is oftentimes overlooked. You assume that the data being backed up is able to be recovered in the event of a failure. With our ShadowProtect Solution, we can test small sample data files to ensure that each backup is working properly and can be verified as recoverable and accurate.
  4. Your Backup is Available Offsite – this simply means that in the event that a natural disaster occurs such as fire or flood and your equipment is damaged beyond repair, that you have another current set of data stored at a different location. Offsite backup solutions can be simple and inexpensive, but can make the difference between being able to restore your data or lose it completely. Our offsite solutions can be done with inexpensive removable USB drives or set to backup to a cloud based drive.

If you are not absolutely sure that your backup solution meets these 4 comprehensive requirements, then contact us today for a free consultation to determine if your backup solution is adequate. Just click here and let us know that you are interested in having us evaluate your current backup solution and we will be happy to check it out. This is one area that you don’t want to cut corners on…contact us today!

The great thing about the ShadowProtect Backup Solution is that you can choose to rent the software on a monthly basis instead of making a large upfront purchase. This ensures that you always have the latest software version and pricing starts as little as $45 per month for servers and $5 per month for PC’s!

Michael Cole, Seitz Solutions