Let Us Be Your Netsurance Partner

One of the greatest challenges facing small businesses today is the procurement and management of their computer networks. Most small businesses under 100 employees don’t have the human resources to employ full time staff. The challenge is two-fold; first, you have to know what type and quality of IT hardware and software to invest in and second, you have to have knowledgeable people that can implement, operate, and manage it.

What if you could outsource your IT for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT staff?

Well, the answer is that YOU CAN. That’s the beauty of partnering with Seitz Solutions as a Netsurance customer. You can have the assurance that you are investing your hardware dollars wisely for the best value available and have the assurance of having highly trained personnel available when you need them.

Most small businesses will save an average of 67% for an annual Netsurance Agreement as compared to hiring only one full time IT employee. The good news is that most businesses can afford to have current technology and the benefit of continual access to a highly trained technical staff.

Netsurance Can Cover Everything That You Need

  • 27/7 Monitoring – we can proactively identify problems to avoid and/or minimize downtime. We’ll know if you are running out of hard drive space, whether a program is taking up excessive resources, and if your backup is running consistently. Our state of the art software alerts us of any potential problems that may arise so that we can address it immediately or schedule a remote session or on-site service call to take care of it.
    Windows Updates – along with our 24/7 monitoring, we also provide Windows patch management and Anti-Virus/Malware updates. Unlike many other companies, we do this outside of normal business hours so that it will not hinder your office productivity and your staff will not have to log off during their normal work hours. This will ensure that your server and workstations always have the most current patches giving you the maximum security and feature benefits.
  • Discounted Labor Rates – our Netsurance Partners enjoy on-site and remote service calls at discounted labor rates that get them back up and running quickly, avoiding costly business disruptions.
  • IT Annual Planning – as your trusted IT solutions provider, we can customize an annual Netsurance Agreement by collaborating with you concerning any future upgrades, taking into account your business forecasts. This will allow us to formulate a comprehensive IT support package while keeping your expenses bundled into a manageable monthly cost. Also, if you prefer not to own your equipment, we can provide you with options that allow you to simply pay for the hosting of your IT solution.

Netsurance is more affordable than you think.

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